Tracking Change is an advocacy platform to turn data into action.

Through collaboration and crowdsourcing, we can more effectively influence public policy and ensure issues of importance to African Americans are addressed. The issues include STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), job creation, entrepreneurship, access to capital, education and voting rights.

By harnessing the power of technology and social media, activists can more effectively influence public policy, solve problems and bring about social change.

Tracking Change promotes data-driven models of civic engagement, transparency and accountability.

All That Philly Jazz

All That Philly Jazz is a digital history project at the intersection of technology, art and civic engagement. We are mapping Philadelphia’s jazz heritage, including historic places and events, jazz clubs, Walk of Fame plaques and murals. The images will be contextualized with data from, among other sources, Echo Nest and Rdio.

All That Philly Jazz Map

Much of Philadelphia’s jazz legacy has disappeared. Public places and jazz clubs fell victim to the 1964 race riots, urban renewal and urban removal. As a result, the history largely resides in the memories of those who were there. So to preserve the history for future generations, All That Philly Jazz  will be crowdsourced. Community members are invited to share their memories of the jazz scene back in the day.

All That Philly Jazz is about community empowerment. Through technology and oral history, we will breathe life into Philly’s jazz legacy and attract new audiences. We will tell the story of legendary jazz clubs like the Show Boat, Pep’s Musical Bar, Blue Note, Up Jump the Devil, Jewel’s and joints along 52nd Street, aka “The Strip,” and North Philly’s “Miracle Mile,” Clubs like the Aqua Lounge, Mr. Silk’s Third Base, Foo-Foo Ragan’s and Watts Zanzibar.

All That Philly Jazz stems from Music Hack, a music-related hackathon.

Yo! Philly Votes

Yo! Philly Votes

Yo! Philly Votes is a Ushahidi-powered app that aggregates and maps real-time incident reports. Our goal is to help ensure that problems encountered at the polls are addressed in real time. On Election Day 2012, we received reports via Twitter, text message and email, and had 1780 page views. Our community partners include Foot Soldiers for Democracy, Philadelphia Coalition on Black Civic Participation and Rising Sons.


STEMeverywhere is a responsive website where we will curate free STEM resources for students to connect the dots. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math. Our goal is to increase interest in STEM among underrepresented minorities and girls. The Students’ Space will promote year-round learning and engagement among our target audience of middle- and high-school students


Cost of Freedom Voter ID App

Cost of Freedom Voter ID App

The Cost of Freedom Voter ID App helped voters navigate their state’s voter ID application process. The web-based app provided photo ID requirements for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The voter ID app was developed in partnership with the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation and Black Youth Vote.

Tracking Change Wiki
Activists, advocacy groups, influencers and thought leaders curated news and information about a wide range of issues, including job creation, business formation, access to capital, STEM, broadband deployment and adoption, and voting rights.

For more information about Tracking Change, contact us.

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