Philly ForagR is Live

4 Dec

I’ve now participated in nine hackathons. Random Hacks of Kindness will always be first in my heart. So I had some pep in my step as I walked to Drexel University’s brand new ExCITe Center for #RHoKPhilly.

I didn’t pitch a project.

#PhillyRHoK Project Ideas

Instead, I joined Jason Blanchard, Christopher Brown, Brian Cohen, Max Freilich, Lauren Gilchrist, Justin Murphy, Christopher Nies and Andrew Thompson and worked on a web-based food access app.

Philly ForagR

We addressed the problem of limited access to healthy food, which is a contributing factor to the obesity crisis.

Philly ForagR Presentation

And developed a solution: Philly ForagR, a location-based app that promotes healthy living and well-being.

Philly Foragr Screenshot

Users can enter their address to find the location of supermarkets, grocery stores, farmers markets, etc., that sell healthy foods. They will be provided with public transit and walking directions. The walking directions will include the location of historic markers, murals and other points of interest along the way.

With a few clicks, users will have access to healthy recipes that they can whip up with the food they purchased.

Philly ForagR placed third at #RHoKPhilly. The app is live so you can test it for yourself.

For updated information, follow us on Twitter: @PhillyForagr.

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