Meet Edward Welburn, a STEM Superstar

28 Jan

The Philadelphia Auto Show ended yesterday. I’m a confirmed nondriver so I was not among the thousands of car enthusiasts at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

But I am a STEM enthusiast and chief evangelist for Philly Phresh Start, a project to increase interest in STEM among underrepresented minorities. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math.

The Philly Phresh Start Project will drive home the fact that STEM is everywhere. We will introduce black youth to STEM superstars like Edward T. Welburn Jr., General Motors’ vice president of global design.


Welburn is the highest-ranking African American in the automotive industry. On Saturday, he received the Trumpet Foundation’s Corporate Award.

Check out this video with Welburn and Jay Leno who, by the way, could put on his own auto show.

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