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Vizy: If Walls Could Talk

5 Dec

Earlier today I attended DreamIt Ventures’ Demo Day Philadelphia 2012 at World Café Live.

Dreamit Ventures Fall 2012 Class

All of the pitches were awesome. I’m particularly excited about Charlie, an app that provides information about a contact before you even meet. It may be TMI but before the planned meeting, conference or phone call, you’ll know what he or she is interested in and what you have in common. In short, “if they said it online, Charlie will let you know.”

For a non-techie, Appliqué, is a godsend. The app makes “building apps as simple as using PowerPoint.” App development costs range from $4,000 to $27,000. With this DIY app development tool, users can drag and drop components and build their own app. Appliqué wants to be WordPress for mobile apps.

But the pitch that really resonated with me was Vizy, a new form of social powered by geo-storing.

Vizy First Image

Back in the day, graffiti artists would tag a place to let folks know they were there. Vizy lets users leave their mark and store their virtual memories in physical locations for future discovery.

Vizy Second Image

I will keep an eye on Vizy. After all, it provided me with the answer to that age-old question: What if walls could talk?